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Welcome to the story of Jennifer Van Der Weide, affectionately known as Jenny Kringle or Mrs. Claus. While her husband may have taken on the role of Santa Claus professionally, Jennifer has her own unique journey that intertwines with the magic of Christmas.

Jennifer Van Der Weide is not your average Mrs. Claus. She is a vibrant, independent woman who found herself on a whimsical adventure when her husband decided to become a professional Santa Claus. While she may not have anticipated this turn of events initially, Jennifer eventually embraced the opportunity with open arms, bringing her own sparkle to the Christmas season.

"I wasn't sure when my husband approached me about becoming a professional Santa," Jennifer reflects. "He started to grow his beard and mustache out, and I couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions. I told him, 'I didn't marry Santa Claus.'"

Indeed, it was a surprising proposal that initially left Jennifer questioning what the future might hold. The idea of her husband embodying the iconic figure of Santa Claus full-time was something she hadn't considered before. They didn't even put Santa Claus figurines out during Christmas. Concerned that he might look like Santa all the time, Jennifer navigated her thoughts and feelings as the journey unfolded.

Jennifer's husband (aka: Santa) had set up a Christmas in July event for a minor league baseball game and he got them both Christmas baseball jerseys. At this game, there was a bunch of special needs children. These children were magically drawn to Santa and Mrs. Claus, and it just tore at Jennifer's heart. Despite all her initial reservations, Jennifer found herself drawn into the enchanting world of Christmas.  As her husband's commitment to portraying Santa Claus deepened, Jennifer discovered her own role in spreading holiday cheer to children and adults alike. They both fell in love with not only being professional Christmas performers, they fell in love with doing it together as a real couple. 

"I realized that being Mrs. Claus wasn't just about supporting my husband's endeavors," Jennifer explains. "It was about embracing the magic of Christmas and sharing that joy with others."

As Jenny Kringle, Jennifer brings warmth, kindness, and laughter wherever she goes. Whether she's assisting her husband during Santa appearances, volunteering at local events, or spreading Christmas cheer online, Jennifer's presence as Mrs. Claus is truly heartwarming.

"I've come to love being Mrs. Claus," Jennifer admits with a smile. "It's a role that allows me to connect with children and adults in a special way, especially during the holiday season."

Follow along with Jennifer Van Der Weide, aka Jenny Kringle, as she continues her heartwarming journey as Mrs. Claus. From magical moments with children to spreading joy in her community, Jennifer's story is one filled with love, laughter, and the spirit of Christmas.

Stay tuned for updates, stories, and glimpses into the enchanting world of Mrs. Claus. After all, behind every great Santa Claus, there's an equally remarkable Mrs. Claus spreading joy every step of the way. Also visit our shared site at


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Welcome to the Enchanting World of Mrs. Claus: Jenny Kringle! Renaissance, all embodied in the captivating persona of Mrs. Claus – the enchanting Jenny Kringle. Known for her timeless style, she effortlessly blends Victorian grace with Renaissance splendor, creating an atmosphere of wonder and delight. Immerse yourself in the allure of Mrs. Claus' wardrobe, where she graces every occasion in a breathtaking peppermint Victorian dress (and others) adorned with intricate lace, flowing gracefully over a hoop skirt that seems to dance with every step. The fusion of tradition and timeless beauty is a sight to behold, bringing the spirit of classic Christmas to life.



But that's not all – Jenny Kringle is not just a keeper of tradition; she's a trendsetter in her own right. Picture her donned in a Renaissance-inspired steam punk jacket, seamlessly merging the old-world charm with a touch of avant-garde. The interplay of embellished brass brooches on her jacket create a spectacle that captures the imagination and transports you to a fantastical world. Accentuating her regal attire, Mrs. Claus adorns herself with an embellished brass belt, a symbol of her magical prowess and timeless charm. This accessory not only completes her look but also adds an extra layer of mystery and allure to her persona. Join us in celebrating the enchanting world of Mrs. Claus, where each day is a tapestry woven with threads of Victorian elegance, Renaissance splendor, and a touch of steam punk fantasy. Let her be your guide to a magical realm where tradition meets innovation, and the spirit of Christmas is alive throughout the year.



Mrs. Claus' hair is expertly styled into a fancy up-do, a cascade of curls and twists that defy gravity with grace. Adorned with the elegance of pearls, each delicate orb reflects the shimmering glow of holiday lights, casting a soft and ethereal radiance.

Woven into the elaborate arrangement are the vibrant hues of poinsettias, the quintessential flowers of the season. These crimson blooms nestle among the curls, adding a touch of nature's splendor to the magical tapestry. The rich greenery of Christmas leaves entwines with her locks, creating a lush and festive crown that captures the spirit of Yuletide joy.

And oh, the lights! Tiny, twinkling fairy lights delicately woven through the intricate design, casting a warm and gentle glow that mirrors the magic of the holiday season. These lights dance in harmony with Mrs. Claus' movements, creating an enchanting aura that captivates all who are fortunate enough to witness it.

As Mrs. Claus gracefully moves through the North Pole, her hair becomes a living, breathing testament to the magic she embodies. A true work of art, her festive up-do is not just a hairstyle; it's a living celebration of the joy, wonder, and timeless magic that defines the spirit of Christmas.




My name is Mrs. Claus - Jenny Kringle to be exact. Nestled in the heart of the North Pole, I am more than a mere baker of delightful cookies. No, my friends, I am a storyteller, a baker, a reindeer trainer, and the second most famous resident at the North Pole – after my jolly husband, Santa Claus, of course!

In the wondrous land where snowflakes dance and stars twinkle, Santa and I make a dynamic duo, orchestrating the symphony of joy that is Christmas. As the Christmas Executive Officer (CEO), I weave magic into the fabric of each day, managing the North Pole's day-to-day affairs to ensure a seamless operation. It's a big responsibility, but one that fills my heart with boundless joy.

But let me share a little secret with you - I am not just a behind-the-scenes enchantress. I am a role model, a beacon of inspiration for young girls and boys alike. My life is a tapestry of warmth, kindness, and wonder, and I invite you to join me on this magical journey.

If fortune smiles upon you, you might have the chance to meet me in person! When my North Pole duties permit, I may accompany Santa to your Home Visit or Event, spreading joy and laughter wherever we go. While Santa and I are an unbeatable team, I do venture out on my own for special Mrs. Claus-only events.

What can you expect from a magical encounter with Mrs. Claus? Picture enchanting moments like a Tea Party filled with laughter, captivating Book Readings, festive Birthday Parties, cozy Breakfasts with Mrs. Claus, delightful Cookie Baking sessions, exploration of Craft Hobbies, and even special Elf on Shelf Deliveries. The possibilities are as endless as the twinkling stars in the night sky.

So, dear friends, let the magic of Mrs. Claus weave through your lives, leaving behind a trail of joy and cherished memories. Join me in the dance of wonder, where every day is a celebration, and every heart is touched by the spirit of Christmas.



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