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While Santa and Mrs. Claus usually work together, we understand that sometimes you might want a touch of magic from Jenny Kringle (aka. Mrs. Claus) all on her own. Fear not, for Mrs. Claus is delighted to make special appearances independently, making your event truly unique. Indulge in the charm and grace of Mrs. Claus with our exclusive events tailored just for her. From enchanting Tea Parties and captivating Book Readings to delightful Birthday Parties and heartwarming Breakfast with Mrs. Claus, the possibilities are as endless as the twinkle of holiday lights. Discover the enchanting activities that Mrs. Claus can bring to your event solo. Picture a whimsical Cookie Baking extravaganza, engaging Craft Hobbies, surprise Elf on Shelf Deliveries, and so much more. Mrs. Claus is not just Santa's helper – she's a magical force of joy on her own!







  • Story Time

  • Tea Parties

  • Craft & Hobbies

  • Birthday Parties

  • Christmas Eve Tuck-in

  • Birth Announcements

  • Breakfast with Jenny Kringle 

  • Elf-on-the-Shelf Home Delivery

  • Baking Cookies, & Drinking Milk with Jenny Kringle



Send me an email or give me a call (219) 629-5803

to discuss your event, and how I can make it memorable and magical!




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 Santa - Mrs. Claus